Vintage Pinball Cabinet Painting & Restoration Services

  • Our Pinball Cabinet Restoration process covers inside and out cabinet repair and repaint. We spend extra time on the details.
  • We do wood repairs, filler, sand, primer, paint colors and a clear coat sealer.
  • Turn around time averages 90 days for the paint to dry correctly.
  • You Manage Local drop off and pickup your cabinet.
  • 50% deposit required
  • Cabinet Re-decal services available also..
  1. We only use available pinball pimp stencils.
  2. We don’t accept lead based paint machines from 1960-1978, mold ridden, wood rot, foul Oder or previously insect infested ( termite / roach ) cabinets.


  • CALL for a quote. 941-248-3983

CALL for a quote.. 941-248-3983