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Sometimes we find out that your game needs more than a house call… 

There is only so much that can be done onsite…

Usually if your game has been sitting a long time without any attention, things start not working.

Especially Vintage Pinball machines…

      Many years of maintenance in the rears catch up fast..

            We can get your machine back online with our pick up and delivery pinball shop out services.

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We go through your game top to bottom and repair all electronic and mechanical issues. Including the flippers and faulty worn coils.

Disassemble and clean all play field ramps and plastics.  Minor play field artwork touch up if needed.

Clean the entire playfield, wax, re-rubber. LED bulb replacements upgrades are the best option for any game during this process.

We also have warm white LEDS that look like incandescent bulbs to keep the old school look with all the benefits of modern LED tech.

Then we get into MODS. Let us recommend the latest in pin tech to pimp out your collectors classic game.

Cabinet decals, figurines, custom LED accents, we even have mini LCD TV’ MODS that play hours of real-time movies and graphics.  ( Game Specific )

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