Twilight ZOne Alien Encounter UFO LED MOD

$199.99 $149.99

Beautifully crafted, custom Alien encounter UFO with an ingeniously designed  tractor beam aiming down in search of the next abductee..

Purple / Blue cockpit detail with a glowing Alien being piloting the inter-dimensional craft.

The tractor beam and lower port windows illuminate the upper play field area right next to the mini flipper and the spiral orbit, really improving that dark area for better visual game play.


Exclusive @ FULL TILT PINBALL LED’s !!

This has to be one of the coolest pinball mods ever seen on a Twilight Zone pinball machine!

  • Installs in minutes,
  • No modifications to your game
  • Position it at your preferred angle
  • Mounts in a perfect location
  • Does not block play field inserts or artwork

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  1. I got what you intend,saved to my bookmarks, very decent web site.

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